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Lazy Days

I knew I was in trouble when…

By time you get around to reading this I’ll be on my way to Canada! I’m very excited and will have many pictures to upload by the time I get home, I’m sure. I have twelve (12!!!) days off and they have been sorely needed. I’ve been writing, research-reading (and some fun reading), and working pretty much non-stop for over a month now and with the exception of starting to build a mansion in Rift I haven’t gotten a lot of “me” time. Granted, since I’m traveling with family, I won’t get much time to myself, but I think I’m okay with that. I think.

Oh and that mansion I mentioned?  I may have been working on that a leeetle too much in my downtime. I’m not even halfway done and I love it. Rift, what hast thou done!?

Since I’m not feeling like doing anything resembling work right now, let me show off what I’ve got so far!  I say “so far” because only a small fraction of the thing is done.  The first floor needs to be finished before I move to the second and I’m still a ways away from finishing the first floor.

The before shot!

This is pretty much what you get to start with.  There’s a little permanent building off to the left that I haven’t done anything with.  I picked this dimension because it has a giant swimming pool. I like swimming pools.

Annnd this is what it turned into.

The main hall inside.

To the left is a dining room.

The beginnings of a kitchen.

And what I like to call the “largest servant quarters ever.”

This is my favorite room in the house.

Because it leads to my underground swimming pool!

Which in turn leads to…

A sooper seekret hallway…

And a partially/barely done cellar.

The only thing I have on the second floor is a baby house – because the second floor will be partially open. I haven’t got the walls up yet though.

I had fun making a mini-bedroom out of it though.

I’m on the Faeblight-RP server and like the screenshot says, the dimension is called the Sunsong Estate (WIP). WIP stands for Work in Progress, because it really, really is, but if you play Rift and want to go putz around there, feel free! I think I had it set open to the public and I’ve added a couple odds and ends since these screenshots were taken. You just can’t move anything around in it, sorry.

<3! See you when I get back!


One response to “Lazy Days

  1. CJ August 20, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Have fun! Can’t wait to see the pics!

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