Words Are Hard

Writer, Messenger, and Professional Weirdo

About Me

No Smiles For You!

“How come you don’t smile?” you ask.  But I am smiling, precious.  I am.

You can call me Ollie…

Olivia first tortured her friends with a messy, no good, very bad hand written “story” when she was 13 years old.  Two years later she had the audacity to barge into the high school teacher’s lounge and demand (okay so it was more like begging but ‘demand‘ sounds so much braver) that the creative writing teacher let her sophomore self into the junior/senior only creative writing class.

He let her in and began regretting that decision immediately.

Twenty years after first setting pen to paper, she’s still tormenting her friends, but now she’s nice enough to use a computer.  Her penmanship has failed to improve.

She is a reader, writer, mom, gamer, part time super-hero and answers your phone at night.  That isn’t as creepy as it sounds; she works midnights at an answering service.  We answer for just about anyone, but specialize in funeral homes.

That is almost as creepy as it sounds.

Here you can find the chronicled adventures of a book that’s taken over four years to finish* (she’s easily distracted by shiny things, okay?).  You can also find some fluffy thoughts on life, death, and the weird bits in between.  Whatever strikes her fancy.

She’s got a degree in art because eating is overrated, but she’s definitely not an artist.

Oh and fair warning.  When we say ‘gamer’ what we mean is World of Warcraft and maybe some Final Fantasy/Portal/Bioshock when the mood strikes.

Actually, we’re level 90 these days.

Words are hard?

Let’s drop third person for a moment.  The title of the blog comes from Warcraft.  If you’ve ever heard me try to lead a raid, you’ll understand why words are so very difficult for me.  Thankfully, the guild has learned what the following actually mean:

Don’t stand in that green glow thing.

This is a spider.  You will hit it until it stops being a spider.

Interrupt that one thing that he does.

That hurts so don’t do it.

I love you.  Don’t hug me.

Put the train away before I kick you out of the raid, Moop.

…I don’t lead raids anymore, but I still threaten to kick people out of the raid for dropping train-sets.  Do not drop the train set.

*Ha ha.  Finish.  Oh, that’s a good one.  Finish.  Ahahaha…

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