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The World Outside

What is the World Outside?

Well …it’s a book for starters.  It’s also the world that exists outside the world we know and love.  It’s where all the angels and demons and monsters and fairies live.  Sometimes they like to visit and so long as they play by the rules, that’s allowed.

This book is about what happens when they stop playing by the rules.

About The Book:

Joseph Singh is just fine with being a normal twenty-something.  His grades are good, his boss likes him, and he’s been in love with his girlfriend for almost two years.

But when a demon breaks into their apartment, it wrecks both the furniture and any hope Joseph had of a ordinary life.  In order to survive, Joseph has to learn to navigate the world outside reality.  Luckily for him, he’s got a sarcastic, three inch high, know-it-all book imp, his girlfriend, his best friend, and a family legacy that makes him more suited for the world outside than he ever knew.

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